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Noeleen and Travis at a local wedding fair.

Who are we?

Hi! I'm Noeleen and The Bear Moments Photography is the culmination of over 20 years of me doing what I love, Photography.


I have worked all over Australia, both for my own business and for others, in both Wedding and Portrait Photography Services and Commercial Photography.


My love for photography helped me to decide to pursue further options, so in 2015 I did my TAE (Training Certificate) to enable me to work in an education facility and train photography to a Diploma level to all the newby photographers out there. 

Travis is my husband and  partner, in life and in work. He has also been following his love of photography for years, shooting during work trips in Australia and overseas. For the past few years, with the growth of The Bear Moments Photography, we have been shooting together. 

Why are we called "The Bear Moments"?












(Why did we choose such  a weird name for a photography business?)

Being a family and a Ballarat Wedding Photographers, we wanted our name to have meaning to us...something as special to us as your wedding day is to you. As a family we threw names around, trying out different mixtures of  words and thinking about how it would work as a photography business name. We tried cute names and modern names and smart names....but couldn't agree on anything that said everything for all of us.

Then one day our family dog, Bear....or as we affectionately call him...."The Bear".....stepped in. It was just a normal day, but The Bear was being himself and kept doing silly doggy things that we all shake our heads at and that have us all either laughing uncontrollably or filled with the overwhelming need to give the big giant a great big hug. His very existence completes our family and looking at him on this one day I felt so blessed to be able to experience so many of the Bears Moments.

And it just hit me. We have our special, wonderful, funny, loving, amazing moments with The Bear, why shouldn't everyone have their own moments.

So as a family we tested it out, and surprisingly everyone loved it. YAY!

It just so happens that The Bear Moments can also have a double meaning-special moments stripped bare- raw emotion- captures moments of bare truth. The name just got better and better, and the best part is that now The Bear will always be part of this business, my loves are all coming together.

We have been based in Ballarat for 20 years, and know all the secret placed to achieve the best Ballarat Wedding Photography. We love being lucky enough to be included in so many peoples special days. Being Ballarat based we also offer Ballarat Portrait Photography services including Family Portraits, New born and Maternity Portraits and Boudior/ Special Moments. If you need a Ballarat Photographer, give us a call on 0408 374 924. We are always happy to have a chat.

(Yes! This is the man himself. Very helpful during photo shoots and easily distracted at the footy.)

Our dog Bear taking our daughter for a walk.
Our dog Bear sniffing a pear in a food shoot set up.
Our dog Bear at the football with our eldest daughter.
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